01. februar 2023

IDF World Dairy Summit - 16.-19. oktober 2023


We are excited to welcome you to the 2023 IDF World Dairy Summit to be held in Chicago, Illinois, USA, October 16-19, 2023. We are putting together an immersive program that will feature global and industry leaders, dairy experts, scientists, technical specialists, farmers and more, bringing you the latest on the most significant issues facing the global dairy sector today and tomorrow. With the beautiful city of Chicago playing host, the best of American food, arts, music, and culture will be on full display while allowing easy access to some of America’s famed dairy regions.

Please join us for this important knowledge exchange and bring your perspective to the global discussion on how the sector can deliver now and into the future, reflecting the theme of the 2023 IDF World Dairy Summit—the boundless potential and endless possibilities dairy has to offer the world.

See you in Chicago in ’23”